A new painting PEARS BY THE SEA is now available…

Creative Potager

A strange relationship really, pears and the sea. However, it was a joyful occasion on the day they were wedded in my en plein air painting. How did this all come about you might ask?

Well, one day not too long ago I got to thinking how the lovely pear has been painted and photographed for what seems like forever. They are a powerful symbol of abundance, cultivation or agriculture and culture. I want to marry them – at least for a while – with the sea because the sea is, at least for me, a symbol of eternal change and continuity. My desire is to go more deeply into our human relationship to our environment. A study of pears by the sea seems like a good place to start as any.

I set up my easel as the light changed quickly.

It was a grand day by the sea!

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