Reef Bay Morning Experienced – west coast seascape oil painting

I remember the sea, and the soft rush of water as it comes ashore. I remember the heaviness of the rocks and the salty dampness of winter seaweed. I feel the coolness of the air and the cry of the gulls.

REEF BAY MORNING EXPERIENCED  is an 14 x 18 inch alla prima or wet-on-wet seascape painting with the quiet strength that is part of any peaceful west coast day.

Reef Bay morning experienced 11 x 14 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2012_12_20 016

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A Sunday seems like a perfect release day for this new work that was completed late in 2012 and right in the heart of the gray that prevails during the short wet winter days. Yet is somehow a hopeful painting, one that fills me with resilience and inner strength against mounting melancholy. This is the kind of creative environment that feeds my creative muse and stills self-doubt with swift observation and quick sure brushstrokes.

More about the inspiration and process behind the rendering of this painting is available at Reef Bay Mayne Island observation to painted experience .


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