At Dusk a small Canadian landscape painting

There are moments in my Canadian rural life that seem to come tumbling out of my memory folders with predictable frequency. One of these is sitting on the riverbank of the Stuart River in North Central British Columbia with my mother and father as the last of the day’s light slipped out of the sky. It seems the wind often dropped at dusk and a hush would fall gracefully over the working day. We may see a muskrat or a beaver swimming out on the still water. In the summer there would be sure to be the steady hum of mosquitoes. But, if we were very lucky, a moose might be feeding on the far bank and we would hear it munching and wadding in the reeds long before its shadow became evident in the fading light.

Though not a geographical exact representation, this painting is a tribute to this time and is a scene that first made its way repeatedly onto my painting canvases as young teenager and budding Canadian Landscape painter.

AT DUSK 10 x 12 inch oil on canvas

At Dusk 10 x 12 oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_02_03 019

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