New Growth West Coast in late May – Canadian landscape oil painting

The winter and spring rains have left both moss, salal and trees dressed in new frocks of vibrant green. It won’t last. As summer progresses the new growth will harden off and become dull and crunchy in the summer’s heat. Today though – we celebrate!

NEW GROWTH WEST COAST IN LATE MAY – 8 x 8 inch oil on gessobord with two inch wood cradle.

New Growth West Coast in late May 8 x 8 inch oil on gessobord by Terrill Welch 2013_06_01 024

This painting is now in a private collection. 

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My painterly goal is to bring the viewer into the landscape so it is experienced rather than observed. The method of doing this varies from one painting to another but the necessity to do so never wavers. In this painting, I want viewers to feel the soft earth under their feet. Breathe the damp freshness of a rain that is not quite complete. Touch the tender new growth as if their eyes are closed. Smell the pungent salt of the sea lapping against their inner ear… all the while in mid-step, slightly off balance as the mechanisms of the eye and brain scramble for clarity in a driving need to still the body’s surrounds – a driving need to liberate the viewer from within the landscape. My painting challenge is to keep the viewer experiencing the landscape from within for as long as possible.


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2 thoughts on “New Growth West Coast in late May – Canadian landscape oil painting

  1. Love the painting…love your description. Beautiful. I came across your blog searching for some clues on doing foliage with a palette knife. Love your style.

    • Thank you shadowlilies! 🙂 I use a palette knife regularly as another tool to apply paint just where I want it on a canvas but I don’t think I can describing the how of it all.

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