Seaside Mayne Island oil painting study by Terrill Welch

The evening light is fading as I sidestep my own long shadow to enjoy the view of the shore and sea. This small 10 x 8 inch oil on canvas study is part of my reference work for a large 60 x 36 inch oil on canvas of this scene. The large canvas underpainting is waiting for me to move forward and this small study is egging me on. Yet, it is also time for it to set out on a home of its own as I begin to muse about other paintings that will eventually take its place in my small home studio.


Seaside Mayne Island study 10 x 8 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_08_02 021

Updated July 2, 2014: This painting study is no longer available. Feel free to select another work by Terrill Welch from her ArtWork Archive online gallery.

Also, the large SEASIDE MAYNE ISLAND 60 x 36 inch oil on canvas is still available.

Seaside Mayne Island 60 x 36 oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_10_15 041

[Update February 2017: This painting is now sold]

Studio visitors regularly drop by to browse through my paintings and our home. It is a most pleasant exchange and one I will write more about in the near future. The most recent visitors this week left with a large photography print on canvas.


arbutus in fog 2 TW1101P by Terrill Welch IMG_4365

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9 thoughts on “Seaside Mayne Island oil painting study by Terrill Welch

    • I do Laurie – I truly do! It is a long weekend here in British Columbia this weekend and so we shall be hanging low except to go to an art show and the market. Wishing you and Len all the best on the beginning days of my favourite month of the year.

  1. I enjoy reading about your work and love the scenery from across the continent in the tidewater area of Virginia. The world you paint is very different from what I see outside my windows! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art…

  2. Your work always brings a memory to mind – this one reminds me of my 16th birthday at Dogtooth Lake near Kenora, Ontario. We were moving from Washington State to Cleveland, Ohio that summer and my Aunt let me stay with her for a month before starting school. On my birthday I sat on a large rock and sang every song I could remember to the Lake and the trees – Loons joined me in the evening. When I was finished and exhausted, I realized I had let all the fear about going to high school in a new place was released and all the sad about not being in the clubs, ensembles and experiences I had expected to be a part of my whole life vanished also. I saw this painting and was taken right back to that moment. Although I believe there were no Arbutus trees in it picture at all. (all behind me)

    Thank you

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