For the Love of Landscapes Art Vancouver Fair 2017

It’s a wrap folks! For the Love Of Landscapes at Art Vancouver Fair 2017…

Creative Potager

Bringing the wild inside is the ultimate of having a landscape painting that resonates with both a room and your life. This past weekend that room was HUGE with more than 80 booths in total. Every few minutes, people would come and stand in front of my west coast landscape paintings and “sigh” these long exhales. It was like they just needed a few minutes before they could go on to even one more booth!

Often viewers would come close and then back up. Then come close again. Then they would walk slowly sideways and then back to the centre. Sometimes they would tell me that the waves were three dimensional and seemed to lift right out of the canvas. Other times it would be the tangle of the friendly arbutus tree that would hold their attention until a quick smile would appear just before they turned to talk to…

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2 thoughts on “For the Love of Landscapes Art Vancouver Fair 2017

  1. Wow.. This piece is awesome. Why wouldn’t people stand and stare and still want to stay extra minutes to appreciate the beauty? I like the color blends and also the lifelike nature of the art. Really lovely I must say.

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