Featured Artists in the Terrill Welch Gallery

The Terrill Welch Gallery now has two gallery rooms. The original main Garden Room of the gallery continues to showcase the work of Internationally collected contemporary landscape painter Terrill Welch. The Terrill Welch Gallery’s Arbutus Room features west coast landscape and nature paintings of three other artists along with Terrill Welch’s own work.

For now, both the gallery’s Garden Room and the Arbutus Room can be visited in person by appointment or on one of our walk-in days that will continue to increase as our community and province opens up during the summer of 2021. Currently, our capacity is two visitors at a time and masks are required. This is anticipated to become more relaxed over the summer of 2021. However, as of June 14, 2021, these are still our protocols.

We encourage you to preview the available work online below and make an appointment after you are familiar with the work of Terrill Welch, Jody Waldie, Jennifer Peers and Glenda King. As well as online and in person viewing, we are also offering video call appointments to visit the work with gallery owner and artist Terrill Welch.

Contact Terrill at c. 1.250.744.4560 (texts work well) or email at tawelch@shaw.ca to schedule a video call or in person viewing appointment of these inspiring new west coast landscape paintings today.

Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to showing you our rugged west coast landscape painting and connecting with you online, by video conferencing and in person by appointment as circumstances permit.

Let’s introduce each of the gallery’s featured artists….

Featured Original Oil Paintings by Terrill Welch

View and purchase original oil paintings by Terrill Welch currently available in the online Terrill Welch Gallery.

Briefly about the Artist Terrill Welch

Terrill Welch’s oil paintings frequently showcase the beautiful, mysterious and rugged southwest coast around her home on Mayne Island B.C. as well as paintings from her travels. Though locally appreciated, Terrill Welch is internationally collected.  Her paintings can be found in the homes of art collectors throughout Canada and the United States as well as in Australia, England, France, Italy, Norway and Switzerland.

Terrill Welch’s work is in collections that also include such renowned Canadian landscape painters as Emily Carr, A.Y. Jackson and Lawren Harris.

Born in the village of Vanderhoof in north-central British Columbia, Terrill Welch was invited into an adult painting class when she was fourteen years old. Terrill Welch has taken several college-level courses in drawing and painting. She now teaches the art of oil painting from life in natural light using water mixable oils through independent study online.

Terrill Welch… Whether it is the ocean waves, the rocks and mountains in the distance, the clouds especially or a special tree you give it a life -not just a coloured  dab of pigment as I have come to vision most paintings.  You give it the feeling of being there and being happy there in your work… You know and love the places you paint!  This comes across to me clearly. ~ Dennis Rogers 

Featured Original Oil Paintings by Jody Waldie

View and purchase original oil paintings by Jody Waldie currently available in the online Terrill Welch Gallery.

Briefly about the Artist Jody Waldie

Jody Waldie was born on the West Coast of British Columbia and is held firmly there by the roots of its natural beauty. 

A career in education, with various teaching and school administrator positions, provided much time for encouraging and facilitating the artistic development of her students and less time for her own artistic ventures. 

Jody now resides on Mayne Island surrounded by nature, fulfilled with the joy of grandchildren, critters, her partner for life and her painting. 

She feels a strong visual, emotional and physical connection with the natural world and represents this for the viewer through use of colour, shape and value in her images.

Featured Original Oil Paintings by Jennifer Peers

View and purchase original oil paintings by Jennifer Peers currently available in the online Terrill Welch Gallery.

Briefly about Jennifer Peers

Jennifer is a Canadian artist, wife and mother of two beautiful gifted young adults – her greatest creation! Add to the mix her young grandson who lights up her life! Art has always been an important part of her life growing up. Drawing and painting throughout her childhood, she graduated from the Graphic Design program at MacEwan University in Edmonton. Her profession as a graphic designer was a fulfilling way to use her creative talent.

Since moving to Mayne Island, BC from an Ontario farm she now focuses her work on locally inspired landscapes, seascapes, and some abstract pieces from her studio. Her eagerness to enhance her abilities lead her to international acclaimed artist Terrill Welch who has been an amazing mentor and influencer to strengthen her painting skills. Plein air experiences have led to enhanced usage of colour, shapes, shadow and light. Jennifer loves to work large, she has switched to oil paint a medium that works well with her attention detail creating the realistic aspects of her subjects.

Jennifer participates locally in the Souther Gulf Islands Arts Council, Mayne Island has a strong arts community with many public art shows and floating galleries on the ferries! Her work is hung in private collections across the country. She is eagerly anticipating, and painting pieces for the opening of the Arbutus Gallery. This dedicated exhibition space is hosted by Terrill Welch, the space will feature the work of three invited island artists, an exciting venture for all.

Jennifer loves to paint and create – she loves letting go and allowing for her desire of self-expression!

Featured Original Oil Paintings by Glenda King

View and purchase original oil paintings by Glenda King currently available in the online Terrill Welch Gallery.

Briefly about the Artist Glenda King

Glenda King was born in Montreal and moved to the west coast before she became a teenager. She has travelled and lived in other areas of British Columbia and Canada but finally has been able to relocate back to B.C. This is where she feels rooted, with its mountains and the ocean. Since settling on the west coast in 2010, her love for wildlife and local scenery has grown through her photography and painting adventures.

Glenda began developing a serious oil painting practice in 2016. She has shown her work in student shows, regional art council shows, a three artist show, Envision Gallery group shows and is currently represented by the Terrill Welch Gallery on Mayne Island. Her work is in private collections in western Canada and the United State. Glenda continues to explore the bounty her natural world has to offer.

* Online Painting Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee

When you purchase original paintings from the Terrill Welch Gallery, we want you to be completely thrilled with your new addition to your art collection. If this is not the case, unharmed and safe return of online purchased paintings to the Terrill Welch Gallery, at the cost of the buyer, within 30 days of receiving the purchase, will result in a full refund of the purchase price by the Terrill Welch Gallery.

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    • Thank you Jeff. It is a beginning. I am going to post my most popular inventory of paintings and photographs for this gallery site. It shall take me a few weeks to get it completed but I wanted to get it out to people for feedback before I get to far. Your feedback is most appreciated 🙂

  2. awesome oil paintings terrill. laurie always said that you were great. love from the appletons

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  4. I find your works an inspiration Terril. I too paint in oils, and I find my feelings soaring with joy when I look at your work.

    • Thank you Diane and pleased to meet you! There is something I think extra special for a painter when they connect deeply with the work of another painter. I appreciate you take the time to share your experience of these paintings.

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