Mostly The Red Line Series

New show in the Terrill Welch Gallery Pod opening today October 6 and showing through to October 31, 2022. Self browsing available in person from 11-4, Thursday through Monday, at 428 Luff Rd., Mayne Island B.C. or online in our private viewing room HERE.

This show is primarily Terrill Welch’s Red Line Series which began in 2021 as a way for her to be personably accountable for noticing the impacts on our environment while holding the tension between the grandness and beauty during the destruction of our landscape.

Artist notes about the Red Line Series: Sea levels rise, damage from storm surges increase, wild fire smoke gives us deep orange moonrises, glaciers in the mountains melt endangering our freshwater supply and we are running out of suitable sand to make cement as we mine the landscape relentlessly for its resources. I could paint stunning landscapes for the next twenty years. But, in a way, they would be a lie, denying the pain and lump in my throat as I walk amongst the trees. Right now, painting only such paintings of bliss seem irresponsible, an unacceptable personal denial. So I went to work to find a more honest way to render my experiences.

Smaller paintings by Terrill Welch are also included outside of this series plus two guest paintings by Jennifer Peers.

Please call, text or use our inquiry option for assistance or to make purchasing arrangements. Thank you for visiting the Terrill Welch Gallery Pod and enjoying our self browsing experience.

Again, feel free to view online in our private viewing room HERE.

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