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Telephone or text : 1-250-744-4560

Terrill Welch lives on Mayne Island off the southwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. The Terrill Welch Gallery at 478 Village Bay Rd. in the heart of Miners Bay on Mayne Island in British Columbia has both gallery rooms of OPEN BY APPOINTMENT now for the 2020 season, 1 or 2 people from the same household. Hand sanitizer is provided, physical distancing of 2 metres and more is possible and masks are optional in the Arbutus Room and recommended in the gallery’s main Garden Room. And, of course, please stay home if you are unwell. The Terrill Welch Gallery is taking extensive precautions. We continue to answer phone calls and emails and fulfill requests for viewing and purchasing original paintings as usual. In addition to our in person viewing options, we are now also offering appointments for VIP video call visits to both gallery rooms. These video call visits by Zoom, FaceBook messenger video or iPhone FaceTime usually take about 30-45 minutes. We are excited about this new option for more vulnerable serious fans and art collectors and those for who are not able to travel to our beautiful island at this time. For those waiting for non-essential travel to be allowed or encourage from your location , we look forward to seeing you in person as soon as we are safely able to do so for our small rural Mayne Island community. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to enhancing your art viewing and purchasing opportunities in whatever way safely works for you.

Terrill Welch Gallery Garden Room

You can also visit Terrill Welch’s online gallery at Artwork Archives at:

Terrill Welch Gallery Arbutus Room

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  3. Enjoyed our talk today at the market and really like what you are doing. It is always great to see artists grappling with the same problems. So many solutions to the same dilemma! Good Luck with all your future works.

    • Linda I am so glad that you commented and it was great to slip over to your website and see your work as well! Yes, always great to chat about painting problems with another artist. All the best to you as well 🙂

  4. Hello–

    I found your work “Spring tea,” (16 x 20) oil on canvas, strikingly good. I like placing small thumbnail images of fine artwork in a “gallery” page at where I’m a member. I’d like to include this work with full attribution and a link to your webpage if you wouldn’t mind. I couldn’t afford this painting but I do admire it and lots of people would see it in my “gallery’s” images. I cannot expressly promote its sale but I can credit you as its author and link your homepage.

    • Hello proximity1,

      Yes you have my permission to do as you describe. I am honoured that you enjoy this painting enough to include it in your personal references.

      Just so you know there are prints available of this “Spring Tea” in my redbubble storefront at:

      There are of course not exactly the same as having the original and only have value as a decorative print. However, sometimes this is an option when the original is either sold or beyond reach.

      Warm regards,

      Terrill Welch

      • Terrill,

        Thank you! I’ll put up a thumbnail of “Spring Tea” with the usual gallery notes: title, artist, medium, dimensions & a link to your home page.

        I’d to do the same for “Tumbling red pears,” if you wouldn’t mind.

  5. That is fine and feel free to do the same with other paintings as time goes on. And thank you so much for asking before posting and sharing my work. Most appreciated!

    • I’m so pleased to read this from you because I’ve come back to your site to ask if just that might be possible. Eventually I’d like to add five other works.

      I love the effect of Tumbling Red Pears. I have to tell you
      –though I hesitated to write this because I did not want to provoke anything which might disturb whatever wonderful thing it is that enables you to produce these works–I have spent numerous hours at the Musée du Quai d’Orsay fixed on one or another impressionist painting–usually one by Van Gogh. Your paintings have a similar effect. Your artistic sensibilities, while uniquely yours, seem to have a resonance with what I see communicated through Van Gogh’s pieces. Please don’t take offense at a comparison. Your work is truly original and beautiful–as is his. No mere imitator of Van Gogh, however talented, could ever hope to match this peculiar sensibility. I’m convinced that it must be something innately shared and, for me, your work expresses it in a way that’s of course your own. But these works could easily hang beside anything in the Orsay’s permanent collection.

      It is no wonder to me that collectors snap up your paintings as soon as you finish them. If I had a fortune or was a curator at a major museum, I’d be collecting your paintings with the same interest that I’d have for any work by Van Gogh or Matisse or Raoul Dufy.

      Like theirs, it’s pure pleasure to look upon the “Pears” and “Spring Tea.” So I’d be delighted to add a few others.

      You surely know you have a special gift which is given to very few painters. I moved “The Starry Night” from the primary-picture slot and put the “Pears” there where I want to leave it a while. Later I’ll move “Spring Tea” to that spot for a while.


      • Proximity1, I am humbled by your reflections and thoughts about my paintings! I really don’t know what to say. “I am honoured!” seems somewhat appropriate and “thank you!” I ambled the Musée d’Orsay myself a good number of hours during my visit to Paris in the spring of 2014. I remember feeling like I was visiting with old friends when standing in front of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. Your words seem to speak to this experience. There was a special Van Gogh show there at the time and I went to see it twice even though the space was crowded and rather claustrophobic. I appreciate you care in recognizing the originality of my work while you are placing it within a contextual framework of painting approaches. Please feel free to share other work in the same manner as the first two as you wish! It is a pleasure to connect and I deeply appreciate your support. Warm regards, Terrill 🙂

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