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Terrill Welch’s writing feeds an art collector’s gourmet palette. The newsletter brings the art buyer behind the scenes into the creative process of the work the buyer has or is about to purchase.

With half a life time of creative adventures behind her, Terrill Welch’s impressionist paintings are collected world wide. Her work is in collections with such renown historic Canadian landscape artists as Emily Carr, A. Y. Jackson and Lawren Harris. Ongoing, year after year, over half of all of Terrill Welch’s paintings are sold and leave the gallery for homes of their own.

However, she lives a very unassuming life on Mayne Island off the southwest coast of Canada. The newsletter will take you with her as she goes about her artistic work. Sometimes she may have question or two for you. Others times the newsletter articles will be more of a show and tell. Either way, a good visit will commence with each reading and a grand conversations will be had by all. Do drop in unannounced. Do stay as long as you like. And do feel free to jump into the conversation at any hour of the day or night.

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