New Gallery Pod for the Win

Finding homes for paintings is a pleasurable task anytime. However, finding homes using the best tools available is even more enjoyable. There are a few advantages to collecting art directly from an independent artist for art collectors. I usually have most of the available inventory readily accessible and not in one of five or so different galleries that you will then need to contact directly. I can easily pull together a private viewing room for a specific size or subject request for online detailed viewing. I have the independent gallery space to bring that online private viewing room selection into a physical gallery space for viewing those paintings on very short notice. And this is what came about yesterday.

A request to view specific works in a size range for a specific subject came in via email first thing yesterday morning. I replied with the offer to create a private viewing room of available paintings that met their requirements and have them hanging in the gallery pod for final decision by 1:00 pm. The art collector thought this would work well. They came by at 3:30 pm, made their decisions easily as they had already reviewed the work online before coming. I packaged up the two paintings they chose and sent them on their way with an invoice to follow via email at 5:00 pm. An online payment was received just before 6:00 pm. We did it! All done and a very happy art collector. 

In between, I still did my social media posts and put up a new blog post.

It is on days like this when I can turn on a dime to satisfy the requests of art collectors that I am so thankful to be an independent artist with a great online gallery show space and inventory/invoicing tools with Artwork Archive and my very own gallery show space at our front gate. These two online and in-person art gallery spaces work amazingly well and seamlessly together. Here are the two paintings that are now off into a new home of their own…

SOLD – The Woodcutter’s Stash by Terrill Welch 16 x 12 inch acrylic on gessobord.

Artist notes: Starting from plein air, I work on this painting for several time over an eight month period until it finally felt complete and the harmony between the woodcutter’s stash and the landscape itself held just the right amount of familiarity and tension. The driftwood had accumulated because of heavy winter storms,and flooding from atmospheric rivers the previous November. The type and intensity of storms were cause by changes in our climate. The woodcutter was able to selvage the aftermath and put it to good use. A very thin silver lining in otherwise disastrous circumstances.

SOLD – An Early Spring Sea by Terrill Welch 8 x 10 inch acrylic on gessobord

Artist notes: The weather was unstable with about an hour from start to finish between showers. Yet, the sea was steady and true, in a chameleon sort of fashion, as the tide receded. A good afternoon for being a plein air painter.

Our sincere congratulations to the art collectors! May they enjoy these paintings for many years to come. 

Please note: The Gallery Pod will be open by arrangement only from December through to sometime in February. I am around and it only takes a minute to go turn on the lights in the gallery pod which will have a flow-show in it during this time or if you have specific requests of paintings you would like to consider, I am more than happy to hang these for you as well. 

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