Introducing Just Art Calendar 2024

Just the art please! Allow us to turn the page on the first day of each month in the New Year.

We are piloting a new idea for 2024. Our relationships with calendars has changed over the years. Most of us now use electronic calendars. Still, we love the art that comes with the more traditional hardcopy calendar where each new month brings with it an image of another artwork. However, galloping inflation has vigorously impacted the printing and shipping costs of such calendars. So we came up with a solution to bring you the best part of our art calendar as a gift! What if we sent all Terrill Welch newsletter subscribers an email with the featured “Terrill Welch painting” on the first day of each month? We think this idea just might become a highly valued addition to your subscription. And there is more…

BONUS: Paid subscription holders to “Terrill Welch by herself” can also request one higher resolution image of a painting that is featured in the Just Art Calendar 2024, at anytime during the calendar year. This image can then be used to purchase a print in a format of their choice at a local print shop for the requester’s personal use. Each request will come with a limited license giving permission for this specific purpose.

How does this sound!? Great idea, right!? 

If you are not already subscribed to our free quarterly “A Brush with Life” do so now to receive your monthly Just Art Calendar 2024 image of a “Terrill Welch painting” in your email inbox as outlined above.

Subscribe at:

Please note: If you are already a subscriber to our “A Brush with Life” no action is required. Your Just Art Calendar 2024 is already for you to receive on the first of each month.

And, if you wish, up grade to our paid subscription to “Terrill Welch by herself” monthly publication and receive the additional option of a limited license to print one of these calendar images in 2024.

Hot Tip! Those that are subscribed before November 30, 2023 will receive a bonus Sampler Just Art Calendar on December 1, 2023. 

We are always thrilled to find new ways to bring our serious fans and art collectors a chance to enjoy “Terrill Welch paintings”. We hope you enjoy this new idea as much as we enjoy offering it to you! 

Feel free to share our new Just Art Calendar offer as you wish. We always love growing our international community of art lovers with you. 

Terrill 👩‍🎨🎨❤️


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