Contemporary Canadian Landscape paintings by Terrill Welch SOLD!

The global economy is as dreary as a rainy day in a Gulf Island west coast winter. Disposable income for luxuries like original art is supposedly shrinking. Why then are these original Terrill Welch contemporary Canadian landscape oil paintings selling like ice-cream on sunny July afternoon? The oil paintings are possibly pricey by emerging artist standards. So it is not because they are cheap. The oil paintings are not realism, highly polished or framed. Nor are the paintings painted in the repetitive series that is sometimes common with contemporary art. So it is not because they will appeal to a conservative art buyer who is buying something similar to what other buyers have purchased. In fact, “contemporary” may even be a questionable designation, other than it relates to the present, as the paintings likely have more in common with late 1800 impressionism than most studio landscape and en plein air paintings of today. The subject of the paintings are mostly about the sea. So it is not like the paintings have a corner staked out for originality of subject matter. The oil paintings are currently not being shown in physical galleries or museums where they are exposed to traditional art collectors.  So it is not because they are promoted to an already self-selected art market. However, this doesn’t preclude historic Canadian landscape art collectors of the like of Emily Carr, Lawren Harris and A. Y. Jackson from purchasing a “Terrill Welch original” to add to their collection, as is the case with the 36 x 36 inch oil on canvas  SEA AND CLOUDS that was recently purchased by these enthusiastic collectors.

So what could be the perplexing desire then to bring one of these original Terrill Welch paintings home? What might it be?

Maybe you can help answer this question. Here is an example of  four of the oil paintings that have sold in the last eight weeks.

NAVY CHANNEL 9 x 12 inch  with roughly finished edges sold to a new collector

Navy Channel early October 9 x 12 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2012_10_25 019

WINTER AFTERNOON WEST COAST FERRY HOME 12 x 16 inch unframed, sold to a new collector

Winter afternoon west coast ferry home  12 x 16 inch oil on canvasby Terrill Welch 2013_01_25 092

ORCAS IN EVENING 12 x 12 inch gessobord mounted on wood cradle, sold to a new collector

Orcas in Evening 12 x 12 inch oil on gessobord with 2 inch wood cradle by Terrill Welch IMG_4499

WEST COAST BLUES study 12 x 16 inch unframed, sold to a long time collector who has several paintings spanning over 15 years.

West Coast Blues study resting 12 x 16 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch SOLD 2013_03_04 020

So  do you have any ideas what is the appeal of these paintings that has them so quickly finding  new homes? I would love hear your thoughts either in the comments below or in a private email to .

As you might guess, I shall be raising the prices for my paintings in the first week of April. This is not just because of the pace of sales but also because it is something I revisit annually.

To keep your spirit of purchasing an original oil painting possibilities up, here is today’s release of a new 9 x 12 inch study BETWEEN LAND AND SEA BEGGING THE SKY TO INTERVENE

between land and sea begging the sky to intervene 9 x 12 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch  2013_03_04 060

(Detailed view and purchasing information available HERE)

Update: View a second post from three weeks later with more art work that has SOLD HERE.

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