New Seascape Painting Hope For A New Day

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Now for the new painting….

Hope For A New Day “resting” by Terrill Welch
36” x 40” oil on canvas
The sunrise at Gordon’s Beach on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island is often stunning and fills our hearts with the hope for a new day.

Hope For A New Day “resting” by Contemporary Landscape Painter Terrill Welch

The painting hasn’t been released just yet. We will let you know when it becomes available. However, you are welcome to inquire if you would like to purchase the work in advance.

Terrill introduced this painting live on her personal Facebook profile and we were able to capture the video for you as well. May Terrill’s painting and words offer whatever you need in this moment…

We wish you and your family and those close to you all the best during these extraordinary times. As we stay apart, let’s come together. Be well!

From an art collector on  March 26, 2020 – “It’s not a good time to be spending money – my retirement savings are taking such a hit, but on the other hand, I think Mother Nature is telling us to pay attention to what truly makes us happy, and I think your art is one of those precious things…..”

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