For The Love Of Trees and More

The Terrill Welch Gallery pod has a new show with additional works showing exclusively online for your browsing and purchasing pleasure between November 3 and November 28, 2022. “For the Love of Trees” includes a selection of Terrill Welch’s tree paintings and a guest tree painting by Glenda King. Visiting this unique gallery space, tucked into the woods at 428 Luff Road on Mayne Island, is becoming a travel destination for the gallery’s art collectors, fans and island visitors. All artworks in each current show can also be viewed with additional information and purchased online in our private viewing room HERE.

The gallery pod space is purposefully designed for self-browsing with assistance upon request and is open 11-4 Thursday through Monday and closed Tuesday and Wednesday unless arrangements are made in advance. (The container gallery space was built by West Coast Container Homes on Vancouver Island.)

Opening today “For The Love Of Trees” is our third show that we have curated in this new gallery space since the beginning of September. If a large gallery space were like a novel, then the gallery pod’s modest size is like poetry. There is a desire and a need to make each painting exactly the right choice in precisely the right position with no more and no less artworks than what is necessary to complete each show. Poetry, yes?

Keeping the walls for artwork only, a price list with descriptions and additional information is available on a chair for visitors to discover more about specific paintings that are of interest.

The painting on the left is by Glenda King and is titled “Look Way Up”.

In most shows there is a guest painting by a fellow island artist to accompany Terrill Welch’s artwork. These artists also show with her in a second location, ISLAND TIME ART, which is located near the ferry terminal on Mayne Island at 492 Dalton Drive.

The differences between the two show spaces are subtle and yet intentional. Paintings selected for the Terrill Welch Gallery Pod are usually landscape paintings and mostly larger artworks by Terrill Welch with a few smaller pieces included as space allows. ISLAND TIME ART has mostly smaller original paintings by various artists including Terrill Welch and reproductive prints and useable art products by only Terrill Welch that are suitable for gifts and collecting holiday memories. Many people visit both locations and some just one or the other depending on their needs and interests.

But let’s get back to “For The Love Of Trees” which is a long standing passion subject for contemporary landscape painter Terrill Welch.

The tree painting subjects in this show range from Fremont in California to the Stuart River in north central British Columbia with many located on Mayne Island on the southwest coast of Canada. There are willows, polars, firs and arbutus trees as well as a winter scene painted plein air in the snow at the Mayne Island Japanese Memorial Garden. Each tree or clump of trees is painted as if they were sitting for a portrait or telling us a story about their lives while we listen intently.

We wish you much enjoyment and discover about each of these paintings of trees that will be part of the Made on Mayne Tour from November 11-13, 2022. You do not need to wait though and as mentioned above, you can slip in to see this new show starting today or view “For The Love Of Trees” online HERE.

In addition, we would like to extend a thank you to Island Art Magazine for including “Winter with the Old Fir on the Ridge” that is in this current show on page 20 of the magazine’s November publication. We smiled when we saw it placed next to a a short article about the difference between Monet and Manet.

The complete online publication can be viewed HERE and if you love art, and Canadian art in particular, you will enjoy the read.

On a final note, we would like to congratulate our art collectors on the purchase of a commissioned 20 x 24 inch oil painting “Cotswolds Memories” by Terrill Welch.

SOLD – “Cotswolds Memories” by Terrill Welch

Artist notes: This painting is a rare collaboration starting with an art collector’s image. Much research, my own memories of painting in England and plain imagination went into this homage to a fascinating mackerel sky.

And with this, we shall conclude our gallery update for now. Please do contact us if you have any questions or special requests. We are always happy to assist if we can.

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Trees: As we breathe with West Coast Canadian Artist Terrill Welch

Large oil paintings of trees, mostly arbutus trees,  grace the walls of the Terrill Welch Gallery from Friday, May 18, 2018 to Sunday, July 23, 2018. A very few smaller plein air sketches and studies provide balance and perspective to these larger canvases.

Trees: As we breathe is an invitation, a reminder to our human connect to trees for our very breath. Rendered in each brushstroke is Canadian west coast landscape artist Terrill Welch’s passion and pure pleasure in trees.

The paintings are about the elegance of this often forgotten relationship as we race towards deadlines, commitments, dreams, goals and personal expectations for human achievement.

This show is about giving a nod, taking a pause and being like the trees we so rely on for life. This show is about love, beauty and aging in place. This show is about loss, companionship and spirals of time.

The paintings in this show can be viewed in the online gallery collection by the same name “Trees: As we breathe” HERE.

Directions to visit (along with days and hours open) the Terrill Welch Gallery in-person are available HERE.

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