Still and Not So Still Life show at the Terrill Welch Gallery

A summer harvest of colour. “Happy paintings!” visitors keep saying with bold sunflowers, plump golden plums, red tumbling pears, gestural roses and more catching the light across oil painted canvases.

These works by landscape painter Terrill Welch are seldom shown. Her rolling seas, curving arbutus and stoic towering fir trees are much better known to us. However, with the Terrill Welch Gallery we have pulled together this still life body of work for your viewing pleasure.

The “Still and Not So Still Life” show will be up from Sept 1 – and extended to Oct 1, 2017. A video preview of the show is available on Youtube at:

There is also a guest painting by Elena Maslova-Levin displayed in a place of honour in this show. “Dancing Pears” is a 9 x 12 inch oil on linen canvas board and the first painting that Terrill Welch added by this artist to her private collection. This cameo appearance is the only beginning of the gallery’s sharing of Maslova-Levin’s work with a more extensive show anticipated in April 2018 with the artist visiting the gallery in person from the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

More about Elena Maslova-Levin (Lena Levin) and her work is available HERE.


478 Village Bay Rd in Miners Bay, Mayne Island, B.C., Canada

Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holiday Mondays 11 – 4

Online 24/7 at the Terrill Welch Gallery Page on this website with a video preview and information to view the online gallery for the current show.


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Catching Tumbling Red Pears – a not-so-still still life painting

20 x 16 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch

Tumbling Red Pears 20 x 16 inch oil on canvas  by Terrill Welch 2014_08_01 030

Did you know you were going to paint these red pears tumbling out of a canvas when you saw them in the grocery store?

The painter blinks, slightly confused and unable to answer as she comes out of her painting trance – her deep practice of noticing what she sees, a seeing that uses all of her sense, a seeing that is disrupted by her memory and is enhanced by her imagination. At this moment all she can remember, all she can “see” is tumbling red pears – the ones she imagined, the ones she painted on the canvas. This is her painting of reality.

If you are interested in the background and seeing the work-in-progress for this painting it is posted on Terrill’s Creative Potager at: HERE


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