An Art Collector’s Joy

This week, these two Terrill Welch paintings are winging their way to a special home in Alberta, Canada. With gratitude, we offer congratulations to the art collector who is celebrating a milestone as she reaches towards her vision! When we asked the art collector about their selection of these two paintings, they replied that they were following their joy. Doesn’t that make you smile? 

SOLD – “Wabi Sabi Alley in Venice” by Terrill Welch, 20 x 16 inch oil on canvas.

Artist notes: Finding a quiet alley in Venice is not as easy as one might think. But over somewhere around the big fish market and then just a few more twist and turns and we are here. Window shutters slap open to the late morning while the clicking of shoes echo into the distance. The warmth softly radiates back to us off of the brick walls where the deep shade is still cool and welcoming. Venetia Italia, how many have wander into this wabi sabi alley of yours?

SOLD – “Future Fragments Study” by Terrill Welch, 10 x 8 inch acrylic and oil on gessobord.

Artist notes: I walked and wondered about what will remain as future fragments to rebuild upon? Will there be another fragile sense of wholeness and interwoven harmony? What did it feel like then? What does it feel like now? Are any bits reusable?

Here are the two paintings together shown in the Terrill Welch Gallery Pod…

Enjoy your weekend and if you happen to be in Sidney British Columbia, there is a Regional Southern Gulf Island show opening at the ArtSea Gallery at 9565 5th St. from 2-4 and after this, the show will be available for viewing 10 – 4 every day until May 11th. There is work in this show by our gallery artists Glenda King, Maeva Lightheart, Jody Waldie and Terrill Welch.

Also, the Terrill Welch Gallery Pod is open daily from 11-4 at 428 Luff Rd. on Mayne Island in British Columbia, Canada. All current paintings showing can always be viewed in our private viewing room at:

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