Large autumn seascape oil painting released Today – Sliced with a Tear

There is something about autumn by the sea with the gray melancholy wrapped in fall colours. This particular day is one of those slow-baked, melancholy west coast Sundays, so moist and tender you can slice it with a tear.

This is the first of four huge canvases I have completed over the past several months. I started this painting last year about this time but it was not completed until February. However, I was not ready yet to let it go out into the world. I coveted closely, showing it here, on my blog and to close friends, family and art collectors but it was not for sale. Today though, I am ready and I am releasing this painting to a good independently wealthy or willing-to-take-out-a-mortgage home. This is one large painting! 🙂

SLICED WITH A TEAR 36 x 60 inch oil on canvas

Sliced with a Tear 36 x 60  inch oil on canvas  by Terrill Welch 2013_01_25 115

Updated February 25, 2014: This painting is no longer available. It is now a private collection in central British Columbia. All paintings that are currently available for purchase can be viewed in detail HERE.



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