Canadian Artist Terrill Welch Above the Stacks with Emily Carr

Canadian Artist Terrill Welch’s  solo show “Above the Stacks – land and sea” is up at the at the Emily Carr Branch of the Greater Victoria Library for September and October of 2016. The eight large paintings can be seen below as they are gathered for packing in preparation to be transported from Mayne Island to Victoria, British Columbia.

Group of Eight paintings for Above The Stacks at Emily Carr Branch of GV Library by Terrill Welch IMG_9500

Located at 101-3521 Blanshard St. (at Uptown) in Victoria B.C., the branch is open Monday – Saturday, 10:00am to 6:00pm, and is closed on Sunday.

Greater Victoria Public Library Emily Carr Branch by Terrill Welch IMG_9534

As you come into the entrance, there is a rack with brochures and information to the the right. Be sure to pick up your rack card about Terrill Welch to take with you before heading up the stairs. The card has a short bio, contact information and online links on the back for later reference. It also makes an excellent bookmark 😉

grab your rack card on your way up to the solo show of Canadian landscape painter Terrill Welch IMG_9504

Looking up the stairwell to the first landing, you will get a glimpse of the smallest of the large paintings in the show.

looking up the stairwell to firt landing by Terrill Welch

“Sea and Sun Cox Bay Tofino BC” is a great textured work to view up close.

first landing solo show of Canadian artist Terrill Welch at Emily Carr Branch of GV Library iphone by Terrill Welch

On the second landing, an arbutus tree stands gracefully in a tangle at the edge of the sea. The painting is easily viewed both coming and going with the stairs making it easy to adjust to individual eye levels.

second landing iphone by Terrill Welch

Art in public spaces such as a library are truly for the people and allow for art to be an engagement with our ordinary-everyday. There is a somewhat utilitarian connection that develops between the magic of paint on a canvas and walls where emergency lighting, red fire hydrant taps and stacks of books frame a landscape view.   Historic Canadian landscape painter, Emily Carr, would have liked that.

There are several prints, large and small, of Emily Carr’s paintings as part of the permanent work on display in the Emily Carr Branch.

large print of Emily Carr painting at the Emily Carr Branch of Greater Victoria Library by Terrill Welch IMG_9523

To the right of this print is a quote in big wood letters…

There is nothing to compare with the push of life Emily Carr 1936 Journal photograph by Terrill Welch IMG_9528

Terrill agrees with these sentiments and she is pleased to have her work alongside Emily again. As you may already know, this isn’t the first time their work has been placed shoulder-to -houlder. Terrill Welch already has two paintings in collections that include such renown Canadian landscape painters as Emily Carr, A.Y. Jackson and Lawren Harris.

On the far wall, there are three very unique view of the west coast landscape.



But, it was these last three paintings that led to the name of the show being “Above the Stacks – land and sea.” The first painting on the right is the only one of the eight that is based on Terrill’s working trip to Prince Edward Island this spring.

Seascapes by Canadian artist Terrill Welch at Emily Carr Branch of GV LibrarySept Oct 2016 IMG_9522

You are always welcome catch a ferry and come to Mayne Island to visit Terrill in her strawbale-timberframe home studio. Or you can drop by her website day or night, from anywhere in the world to catch up on studio news including new releases, shows and sales.

Terrill Welch painting in her studio by Allison Mullally _MG_5876

But, there is nothing quite like some open space, bright walls, and the hush of a public library to enjoy, ponder and consider these large Canadian landscape oil paintings. If you live in Victoria or happen to be visiting, do take the time to drop by and have a browse!

Here are a few words from someone who did….

“Very few events could entice me to venture into the morass that is known as “Uptown”… but I’m so happy I went today, to the Emily Carr Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library, to bask in the display of Terrill Welch’s large landscape paintings. Terrill it was such a pleasure to see your work live! Photos and Facebook are fine but can never capture the live work. With each of your paintings I was able to imagine you applying the paint, making your marks, immersed in creation. I loved being able to inspect them close up and to stand back and allow the bigger effect to sink in. I fell in love with “Evening – The Arbutus Tree” (I love all your arbutus trees but this especially). The softness, the tones and the abstract forms gave a strength and softness that is so appealing. ~Jan Godfred

All these paintings are for sale and details are available these and other paintings in the online gallery HERE.

Terrill would like to thank the great hanging team who worked with her including Carolina, Wayne (the ladder person) and David! Also, a huge thank you to the Emily Carr Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library for this invitation and opportunity.


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7 thoughts on “Canadian Artist Terrill Welch Above the Stacks with Emily Carr

    • Thank you Larry! I am really pleased with how this show came together. Did you notice there is even one of the new Prince Edward Island paintings in this show? I am teaching a new painting class starting next week but will also have much more time to work in the studio now that summer is almost behind us. This is good. There are blank canvases in the waiting and the brushes are rattling in the jar! 😉

  1. Terrill — CONGRATULATIONS on this incredible show. I’m sitting here barefooted because you’ve blown my socks off!

    [As a side note, I love that “The card has a short bio, contact information and online links on the back for later reference. It also makes an excellent bookmark.” Smart cookie! 🙂

    • Laurie, I hope your feet are not getting cold in this brisk fall air! 🙂 I m truly pleased with how this show my large landscape paintings has come together and absolutely thrilled to let others know about it. The mention of the rack card was an easy one because I am terrible at remembering names though I will remember paintings. Rather awkward sometimes when I want to look something up or reference it later on. So I have those cards there for all the people like me who may want to look up my work later on or share it with a friend. If the card is being used as a bookmark then, for us readers at least, it is usually easy to locate. So a win-win on many levels I think. Now, you had best go find those socks my friend before your toes turn blue.

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  3. I seemed to have missed this blog when it was published and only now enjoying every inch of it!

    I am so thrilled for you Terrill, truly a opportunity for the everyday people to see your work “live” as someone mentioned above would be an wondrous experience. and to rub shoulders with the spirit and energy of Emily Carr once again makes this all so much more powerful!

    • Thank you Jeff and I am glad you had a chance to enjoy this post. The venue and the company of Emily Carr is just right for these large Canadian landscape oil paintings. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to show my work there for the past two months.

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