Happy New Year with best 5 paintings of 2017

As we approach the end of the calendar year, we again select the artist’s choice for the best paintings of 2017. This year, we have decided on 5 out of the 29 new works that have been released – and three of those are just being released today in the online gallery! So be sure to check it out. The link is included below.

Here is the 1st and likely the public favourite…

Storytelling Arbutus Tree Bennett Bay Mayne Island BC
By Terrill Welch
Size (h w d): 60 x 40 x 1.5 in
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Available: HERE

In 2nd place for the artist’s choice of the best five paintings completed in 2017 is…..

Northeasterly Morning Strait of Georgia Mayne Island BC
By Terrill Welch
Size (h w d): 20 x 40 x 1.5 in
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Available: HERE

In 3rd place for the artist’s choice of the best five paintings completed in 2017 is……

Early Spring Morning at Miners Bay
by Terrill Welch
Size (h w d): 12 x 24 x 1.5 in
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Availability: Sold

Then in 4th place for the artist’s choice

Winter Late Afternoon Georgina Point Mayne Island BC
By Terrill Welch
Size (h w d): 18 x 24 x 1.5 in
Medium: walnut oil on canvas
Availability: Sold

And finally, the 5th painting chosen…

Just Before Sunset Mayne Island BC
By Terrill Welch
Size (h w d):  30 x 24 x 1.5 in
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Available: HERE

View all available work in the online gallery HERE.

Closing remarks for 2017 from artist Terrill Welch:

An outstanding career photographer who follows my work, who has been to some of the places rendered in my paintings and who has seen some of the paintings in person, as well as online, made this comment:

“The strength of your work is not always immediately evident. A person must often be willing to take time with it before its power becomes apparent.”

This is what I have come to call – exposing the mystery in an ordinary day. The energy of a piece is intended to reach our bodies before our eyes can decipher and translate what we are experiencing into cognitive thought – words. The paintings are intended to reach the viewer before they can edit what they are experiencing into what they think they already know.

These paintings are a good examples of this tension between the ordinary impressions of a day and the early 1800’s sublime or romantic. With the predictability of a labyrinth, we circle back to a new, yet slightly familiar, place. But for me this life/painting journey is more like a spiral that is so finely threaded I have have no idea whether I am winding inward or outward. Possibly, it doesn’t really matter.

My job, as I see it, is to capture the conversation between this earth and me and then translate these experiences into a universal language of paint. How else can we collectively gather ourselves around a shared purpose to change our ways and recognize our responsibility for our planet, for our stewardship, for our world and for our continued existence?

Yes, I paint what is meaningful to me, often without even sorting through the “why” of it. But this means nothing unless the viewer becomes passionate about the painting’s conversation and cognizant of their own urgency to engage, to act, to be and to love.

This a tall order to ask of a painting and of a painter on a mainstream global platform that is spiraling towards self-destruction – chasing shock and awe. Still, I must try because we deserve a chance and above all, I am not alone. You have come to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me, again and again, canvas upon canvas upon canvas. This 2017 year has been no exception. In just the last few days alone, the paintings have been viewed over 25,000 times. I can no longer count the vast number of views, comments, shares and conversations each year. On top of all of this, more than 20 original paintings, from the very large to small, were purchased and are now in private collections.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for embracing the conversation with the land, the sea and the sky…. and with each other.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best in 2018!


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5 thoughts on “Happy New Year with best 5 paintings of 2017

    • I agree Laurie though it is the young still transparent leaves on the trees by the building that make this painting – at least for me. I would never have thought to paint the scene otherwise 😉 Happy New Year! Looking forward to hearing how your retreat has gone.

  1. Hi Terrill, Your name came to my mind this morning as I was getting dressed and I thought I’d put your name into a search engine and lo and behold you are a well known artist! Your work is very beautiful! But, that does not surprise me, as you were always brilliant!
    So glad I found you and I wish you the best.
    Hugs, Cynthia Shew Stower

    • What a wonderful surprise Cynthia! So good to hear from you. 🙂 Yes, anyone who can spell my name correctly can find out what I have been doing full time since 2010 – PAINTING! As you mention, it has been a passion of mine since I was young and it is great to be able to devote my working energy in this area.

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