Between Here and There with Contemporary Landscape Painter Terrill Welch

From May 17th to July 7, 2019 Canadian contemporary landscape paintings from north central to the southwest coast of British Columbia will be showing at the Terrill Welch Gallery on Mayne Island. This solo exhibition is about a painter’s life that is lived in the landscape of a province rather than a city or village. From plein air painting at her parents’ farm on the Stuart River to the first leaves on the poplar trees in the Cariboo or the smoky skies near Cache Creek and all the way to linger along the islands next to the Strait of Georgia and then further to a sunset on Chesterman Beach near Tofino, her brushes move paint swiftly and precisely across the canvases. British Columbia is a diverse landscape that is explored within the integrity of place through the vision and impressions of one painter – Terrill Welch.

art gallery with contemporary impressionist landscape paintings of trees in spring and winter with snow and a seascape painting

From the richness of light through the rainforest canopy to an arbutus tree reaching over the edge of a cliff, you will be there, standing shoulder to shoulder with the painter inside the landscape.

art gallery with contemporary impressionist landscape paintings of trees in rain forest and arbutus tree reaching over a cliff towards the sea

Come on in and stay a while. This small Southern Gulf Islands art gallery looks forward to welcoming you for the first show of the 2019 season.

Guest book in small art gallery on Mayne Island in the Southern Gulf Islands.

Online viewing of the works in the show…

In other gallery news…

One of the latest paintings of the north central interior has been pre-sold from this show.

Winter Freeze Up Stuart River BC walnut oil on canvas 18 x 24
Sold! Winter Freeze Up Stuart River BC by Terrill Welch
18 x 24 inches, walnut oil on canvas

As well, another larger oil painting has sold this week and will be on its way…

Earth as to Sky by Terrill Welch
30 x40 inch, oil on canvas
Sold! Earth as to Sky by Terrill Welch
30 x40 inch, oil on canvas

Visit Art of Terrill Welch Gallery from the May to September long weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-4. Or better yet, make an appointment for a private viewing anytime of the year at 478 Village Bay Rd., Mayne Island, B.C., Canada. 

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