The Art of Social Distancing at the Terrill Welch Gallery in three easy steps

Need to chill for a while? Or imagine sitting by the sea, waves gently rolling in? How about a walk through the trees?

Virtual visit to the Terrill Welch Gallery

The Terrill Welch Gallery gets it! You need to remain in your own separate bubble space as much as possible for the next few weeks in order to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 virus, for your own well-being and that of your community, and yet, self care is still important. We know and we are prepared. We have received frequent reports over the years that viewing Terrill Welch’s landscape paintings has a calming effect, a sense of connection and peace. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Give it a try for yourself. Here is what you do in three easy social distancing steps:

Step One: In your own home, find your most comfortable chair and snuggle in with your favourite beverage and device. 

Step Two: Click on this link to the Terrill Welch Gallery online collections at ArtWork Archive  for original paintings and acrylic sketches currently available.

Step Three: Use the “Inquire” bottom to send us a direct email to make purchase and shipping arrangements, to ask a question or make individually tailored viewing arrangements, including using an augmented reality app to view the landscape painting in your own home or see paintings in a virtual gallery. See? We told you we get it! Or if you just want to be social and say “hello” leave us a comment below or send us a private message. We are always happy to chat and share an interesting adventure about a landscape painting or three. 

Do let us know about your Terrill Welch Gallery social distancing experience. Did you have a favourite painting that you displayed on your big screen, or set up as a screen saver? Did you find one that is now being packaged up for shipping to you? Did you simply enjoy a few quiet moments, a reprieve, an ART break? We always love to hear from you and now, more than ever, we thrilled to be part of your social online community! 

Virtual hugs while we wave and keep our physical social distance… and wash our hands, frequently. We look forward to seeing you in person sometime in May with the opening of the regular summer season. Your well-being is our well-being. 

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