A Painter’s Corner and Plein Air Views with Terrill Welch

This staying home, self isolating and social distancing is hard on individuals and communities alike. Human-beings are such social creatures. It is a big ask even though it is necessary. We may find it hard to follow various orders and requests. Basically, we are being asked to do something that humans have not been born or nurtured to do – especially in a crisis. We want to be together and travel to the place we believe is the safest, even when our rational mind and experts tell us otherwise. This is a challenging time on so many levels. 

An invitation from Contemporary Canadian Landscape Painter Terrill Welch –

“I am holding space for loving kindness, compassion and thoughtful resilience for each and everyone of us. I invite each of you to do the same. Take a moment and just imagine everyone closeby and afar embraced in love.” 

A Painter’s Corner and Plein Air Views with Terrill Welch is a little less than 15 minute video of Terrill’s landscape painting world using snippets from May 2014 to March 2020. The music in the video is from the iMovie soundtrack options and is called “Hope” by Keith Kenniff. We hope you enjoy this quiet retreat from everyday worries and challenges.

We are near the beginning of our collective global journey with this COVID-19 virus. Our abilities to navigate the continual changes that are going to be asked of us will be paramount to shaping our future. 

We can do this. It is going to test us as individuals and as a community beyond anything we are familiar with in our lifetime. Yet, I know we will come out the other side, whole, together and strong. Whatever happens and whatever we do, being kind is always possible. Let’s start there and proceed with thoughtfulness and personal accountability. 

May this video bring you inner peace, strength, hope, resilience and compassion for others.

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