Landscape Paintings Sell During Unprecedented Times

Against formidable odds in extraordinary times, Terrill Welch’s contemporary landscape paintings continue to be acquired by art collectors. In fact, out of the last nine paintings she has released since February 14, 2020, five have sold. One large seascape, that she painted near the beginning of her Province’s “stay at home” orders, was sold while still wet on the easel and before the last brushstroke had been applied. An International corporate inquiry resulted in a request for a commission. The sale of another work continued on into a special request for a second painting. And so it has gone, until between then and now a total of ten original oil paintings of various sizes have left the gallery for adventures of their own. We will highlight the last five newest work that have sold because it will be the only time they will be introduced to you. As you will see, these paintings have been rendered with that special all-in, full sensory expression that Terrill’s paintings are known to convey. Viewers frequently comment on what they can hear, feel and smell as well as what they see when standing before her work. It is no wonder they have been chosen to share the homes of admirers during these past few months!

SOLD Rough Seas and Sunshine by Terrill Welch, 20 x 24 inch oil on canvas
SOLD China Beach Morning by Terrill Welch, 8 x 10 inch plein air acrylic sketch
SOLD Sunrise at Gordon’s Beach study by Terrill Welch, 8 x 10 acrylic sketch
SOLD Rhine River in Basel Switzerland by Terrill Welch, 14 x 18 inch oil on canvas
SOLD Rolling Wave French Beach Vancouver Island British Columbia
by Terrill Welch, 30 x 40 inch walnut oil on canvas

So, here on this small rural Mayne Island, off the southwest coast of Canada, you can still witness Terrill Welch standing before her easel moving paint from palette to canvas as she strengthens her studio practice, doubles her physical gallery space, enhances her online presence even further and brings on three more artists to show along side her in the new Arbutus Room that is dedicated specifically to west coast landscape paintings. Before you go though, be sure to sign up for our newsletter below and then share it with others who might be interested. It truly is one of the best ways to stay in touch and get a chance to scoop up a new work while it is still under progress.

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