Best 12 out of 32 New Terrill Welch Paintings in 2022

Each year I like to review which are my best paintings painted and released in that calendar year. Sometimes this selection is easy and other times it can be more challenging to decide. This is a more challenging review of 32 new paintings in 2022 with a wider range than usual of approaches. However, a decision has been made! I ended up choosing 10 paintings, including a diptych, and one bonus painting. (So there are 12 separate canvases in total)

View all paintings in detail from our online private viewing room at:

Please note that many of these paintings have already sold and are in private collections. However there are still a few excellent works to choose from and, with a bit of luck, more will be coming available in 2023.

Now I am off to consider my intention for 2023 and my new series “Thriving in Place”. More soon!

Happy New Year!

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