West Coast Sea Escape Show

As the spring days really begin, we have a new “West Coast Sea Escape” show with paintings by Terrill Welch in the Terrill Welch Gallery Pod, OPEN DAILY 11-4 with extended hours 10-4 for the Made on Mayne Spring Tour April 7th – 8th at 428 Luff Rd, Mayne Island B.C. We look forward to your visits both online and in person to enjoy these seascape paintings that are showing until May 17, 2023 in our unique gallery pod in the woods.

Slipping out to the gallery pod every morning, we make sure everything is ready for your self browsing visit. If we are available, we do come out and say “hello”. However, the gallery pod is designed for walk in viewing and you are encouraged to go in and explore the art on your own. There are lists of artwork, QR codes to request purchase and telephone numbers to text or call for assistance.

The seascape painting “China Beach in Late February” on the top right is new and this is its first time being in a show. China Beach is on the southwest tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

We are thrilled to have the large 40 x 60 inch seascape painting of Active Pass anchoring this show across the back of the gallery pod. The city seascape to its right is a newer painting interpreting a location in the Victoria B.C. area. 

These landscape paintings of the sea remind us of our constant relationship with both continuity and change with beginnings and endings overlapping in endless rhythms.

Here is a link to our private online gallery viewing room that shares current paintings showing in the Terrill Welch Gallery Pod https://www.artworkarchive.com/rooms/terrill-welch/59ce84

Enjoy and feel free to share with your family and friends. Bring them by to experience this unique gallery space that is here to warmly welcome you. 

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