Sliced with a Tear – a large autumn Canadian landscape painting

There is something about autumn by the sea with the gray melancholy wrapped in fall colours. This particular day is one of those slow-baked, melancholy west coast Sundays, so moist and tender you can slice it with a tear.

Days pass with my dreams waking me up early to paint for many of my waking hours. I am consumed with the transitions between light and shadow and form.

The details show the looseness of easy strokes with two and one inch brushes.

There is the leaves against the sky on the far top right. Nothing but swathes of golden colour added to the sky with a hint of branches to hold them in place. Then there is the clatter of colour near one of the main tree trunks a the top near the left side of the painting, colours that must roll over and under each other bringing the leaves forward in the painting towards the viewer.

Sliced with a Tear detail 1 by Terrill Welch 2013_01_25 136

But it is the whole of this 36 x 60 inch (or 3 feet by 5 feet) oil on canvas that tells the story of this particular fall day.

Sliced with a Tear 36 x 60  inch oil on canvas  by Terrill Welch 2013_01_25 115

There is more about the background and painting process for this work in the Creative Potager blog post at “ SLICED WITH A TEAR autumn oil painting in process by Terrill Welch.”

This painting is not going to be released for sale anytime soon as I am keeping it in my Artist’s collection for the time being.

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