Sister oil paintings of Tulips on the Springwater Deck Mayne Island

Two new bright 20 x 16 oil on canvas sister paintings of the luscious tulips on the Springwater Deck are ready for your perusal.

The first is a plein air painting which had a few minor edits back in the studio to bring it to completion.


Tulips Springwater Deck Mayne Island  20 x 16 inch oil on canvas  by Terrill Welch 3013_04_25 166

This Painting is now SOLD and is going to a private collector in British Columbia Canada.

There is more about the plein air work-in-progress including a short video on my Creative Potager blog post “Tulips on the deck of the Springwater lodge en plein air” Though a fine representation of the subject and a painting I am happy with I had this deep desire to experiment further with this great subject.

The second is a studio work of the same subject on the same size canvas. My intention with the second painting was to explore the relationships between the various elements of the scene. I wanted to capture the shifting temporariness of the moment. I wanted to feel the sun, the breeze and the smells of the sea as we view the tulips on the large pot on the deck.


Tulips Springwater Deck II by Terrill Welch 2013_05_03 008

This Painting is now SOLD and is going to a private collector in Saskatchewan Canada.

Now let’s have a look at them side-by-side because I am afraid these sister paintings will always be compared. It is just a human trait we have to want to compare things that are similar.

sister paintings Tulips Springwater Deck by Terrill Welch 2013_05_04 065

Though obviously sisters, each painting has its own personality and character. In early comments from viewers there seems to be not much of a preference for one over the other.Though there are some who definitely like one more than the other. As the painter I am ambivalent about a preference as each means something to me and neither is perfect but both are alive.

What about you? Do you have a preference for one painting over the other? If so which one and what is it that has it being your favourite?


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