A Tall Tale of Autumn – contemporary landscape painting

On this Christmas Eve day off the southwest coast of Canada it seems the right painting to share and release as it is fa work filled with memories.

A TALL TALE OF AUTUMN STUART RIVER – 16 x 12 inch oil on canvas

A Tall Tale of Autumn Stuart River 16 x 12 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_12_24 003

These are my childhood trees – popular trees growing on the riverbank. They are my first subject of paintings. I cannot pick up a brush to render them without being transported back through time with its many stops before these trees. These are trees I met before there was even a field in front of them. These are trees I introduced my first lover and later others. Then much later my now husband. These are trees I walked beside while I carried my babies and then with them while they carried theirs. These are the trees that my mother and father have walked with me since they were younger than I am today. Painting the spaces of light and shadow in between is filled with the residue of many visits. It is a tall tale that gets taller with each telling. All I intended to do was to use up the paint leftover on the palette.

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