When the Creative Mind Creates a New Opportunity

The new opportunity is now passed. However, many inspiring works are still available.

Go to Terrill Welch’s ArtWork Archive  for original paintings and acrylic sketches currently available.

Open Studio Great Room contemporary landscape paintings by Canadian artistTerrill Welch 2014_11_07 013

Sometimes Terrill Welch’s enthusiastic creativity is so incomprehensible that it creates a new opportunity. This is one of those times. During the Nov 8th & 9th online and in-person Open Studio event Terrill learned that her numbers game was so creative and unclear that no one understood what she was talking about. Since this was not her intention. This time she is keeping it straightforward.

There is a new opportunity of (no longer available) savings on original paintings in her ArtWork Archive for original  paintings and acrylic sketches currently available until Friday November 14th midnight Pacific Time. Just click on the “Make an Offer” button located on the top right under the price for the painting you want. Then put  in the code (no longer available)  and of course, anything else you would like to say. Then send it off. This will place an email in Terrill’s personal email inbox. She will adjust the price and assist you with delivery and purchase arrangements.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any further assistance by sending an email to tawelch AT shaw Dot ca

Our sincere apologies for any confusion experienced as part of the Open Studio event offer.


ArtWork Archive original paintings and acrylic sketches currently available.

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Update Thursday Nov. 13th: Sold! Flight At Dawn – 9 x 12 inch oil on canvas is off to a lovely home in British Columbia.

flight at dawn 9 x 12 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch IMG_0812

Here is the story of this painting…

It was a sunrise early in February on the Mayne Island shores looking over the Strait of Georgia. I was standing on the shore as the light came up and danced across the water and through the mist that was leaving just a hint of the coastal mountains showing in the background. A seagull took flight and the day had begun leaving behind this minimalist canvas.

Update Friday November 14th: Sold! Blackberries Golden Plums Transparent Apple (8 x 10 inch oil on canvas) is off on an adventure that will see it traveling halfway across Canada and eventually into the U.S.

Blackberries Golden Plums Transparent Apple 8 x 10 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_08_23 065

Here is the story of this painting:
The days of light, seasons, colour, form and space collide within my ordered and defined sensory system. Not chaos. No not that. Only adjustments and a release from specifics. Blackberries and golden plums are my favourites. The transparent apples just happen to ripen at the same time adding a nice shape and colour for balancing a still life plate.

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