3D and AR for the Terrill Welch Gallery

We know it is always great to visit the Terrill Welch Gallery on Mayne Island off the southwest coast of British Columbia, Canada. But what is one to do when this is not an option? We have been musing about this and have come up with an alternative experience beyond viewing works in only the online gallery. Have you ever seen a 3D gallery show? Have you ever used augmented reality or AR to try a Terrill Welch original painting out, to scale, on the walls in your own space before deciding to purchase? Well now you can!

Please note, this new technology is not meant to replace our current website and online gallery or physical gallery. This opportunity is intended to offer another value-added advantage to our fans and collectors of “Terrill Welch” original paintings by providing an online visual size-reference for both the work itself and also for the space you are considering placing it. 

Screen image of Terrill Welch Gallery 3D virtual gallery solo exhibition

3D Virtual Gallery Solo Exhibition

A few hints before you enter the 3D virtual gallery:

A laptop or tablet seem to give the best viewing experience but several people tested the gallery using their phones and enjoyed the experience as well.

Once you “enter” the exhibition it may take a few seconds to load.

Small movements in the gallery with cursor or finger have a big impact. So take it slow until you get the hang of the space.

You can move around the gallery at will or you can have a guided tour. The guided tour doesn’t give you much of a feel of scale but it does show you all the work individually.

To see a work in detail and access information about it just tap or click on the painting. On the right, there is an “i” in the row of options that you can click for more information about a piece.

When you are done looking at a specific painting you can scroll left or right or hit the “x” at the top right to exit and again move around in the gallery space.

General instructions are also available at the website HERE.

What you see should look something like this….

If this is what you see, you are in the right place to enter. On my iPand and iPhone I need to touch the image to enter. Then once you enter, there will be instruction on the upper right on how to navigate the virtual gallery. Once you have it figured out just hit the “x” to get it out of the way.

Go ahead, have a look around.

If you see something you like, zoom in.

Click the “i” for information and it will then have a link to click for price and to make an inquiry. There you go!

Augmented Reality Viewing

Now let’s move on to the second aspect of this grand new adventure. Right now there are the 24 paintings, those that are in the solo exhibition above, available for viewing in your own home or office space using the KUIO augmented reality app. However, I can add other paintings by special request and as needed.

A few hints before you try using the augmented reality technology:

Start by clicking on “get app” in the link provided HERE (you don’t need to “register”. That is for the Artist or Gallery to set up an exhibition)

Once you have the app installed on either your phone or IPad, the Selection ID 248 is what you use to access my work.

Once you search, under the number will appear “View Section: Contemporary Ca…” Click on this and you will be able to view the paintings and you will see the “view in room option”.

But first you will need to download and print the “marker” as this is what allows the technology to display the paintings in the correct size. Instructions will be provided to walk you through this step. One “marker” for all the paintings. You don’t need a different marker for each painting.

You can either use your phone or your iPad to view or take a photo of the painting in the desired location in your room. Have fun and if you have the time, we would love to hear what you think.

KUNSTMATRIX is the developer for both the 3D gallery space and the augmented reality and is based in Berlin, Germany. We suspect this technology will become more streamlined and fine-tuned over time and in a couple of years we will simple take it for granted. For now though, it is kind of exciting to be on the developmental edge of its implementation.

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    • I so agree Laurie! One of the hardest aspects about viewing art online is to be able to get an idea of its actual size. These two tools should go a long way to addressing these challenges.

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