Trends in Sales of Terrill Welch Paintings 

And another recent Terrill Welch painting has been scooped up by art collectors before it could be listed.…

SOLD – “Just The Sea” by Terrill Welch , acrylic on gessobord panel, 11 x 14 inches.

This is a common occurrence. The best way to learn about Terrill’s new paintings as they are being painted is to sign up for our newsletter “A Brush with Life”. The link is on our website. What can we say? If you want first choice, you need to be connected and ready to make an inquiry to purchase immediately. Last year we found homes for 44 of Terrill’s paintings out of her dwindling available new and earlier painting inventory. She only released a total of 28 new works in 2021. We anticipate this trend to continue of equal or more works sold than there are new works available each year because sales of her work have been trending in this direction for a long time. We do not have a crystal ball of course and things could move in a totally different direction with little warning. Still, we feel obliged to let know what we are experiencing right now. 

There is another option to secure one of Terrill Welch’s painting and that is to commission a work. However, she only does a very few of these each year because they disrupted her ongoing painting practice. But it is still an option, if she has time. 

So don’t say we didn’t ever let you know. 😉

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