Happy New Year As We Celebrate Terrill Welch’s Top Ten of 2021

All the best of 2022 from the southwest coast of Canada! May you have time for long conversations. May you read books simply for the pleasure of it. May you view art that makes your heart sing. May you be healthy and filled with gratitude. May you lend a hand to others in their moments of less fortunate. May your creative spirit find its way into the darkest corners. May you know love, give love and be love. Happy New Year from the Terrill Welch Gallery to all our family, friends, art fans and art collectors near and far!

Today we offer you Terrill Welch’s favourite Top Ten of 2021 paintings for your viewing pleasure. Many of these works are already in private collections. Terrill Welch released 29 paintings in 2021 and 44 original works from her inventory were sold along with many reproductions. She knew this day would come but she anticipated that it would have been about five more years in the future. Fortunately, we have a healthy inventory of her work available and now represent the work of other artists that are her past students. In this way, we can keep providing the paintings that you love to add to your art collections and for viewing and sharing with others. For now though, in no particular order, are Terrill’s personal favourite paintings that were completed in 2021.

Dancing by the Water by Terrill Welch 
walnut oil on canvas
18 x 24 inches 
Available at: https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/terrill-welch/artwork/dancing-by-the-water
Saint John Point Trail by Terrill Welch. In a private collection.
walnut oil on canvas
30 x 36 inches
Liminal Time in Active Pass by Terrill Welch. In a private collection. 
oil on canvas
16 x 20 inches
Rolling up on the Strait of Georgia by Terrill Welch.  
oil on canvas
36 x 30 inches
Available at: https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/terrill-welch/artwork/rolling-up-on-the-strait-of-georgia
Conducting An Orchestra by Terrill Welch. 
oil on canvas
40 x 36 inches 
Available at: https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/terrill-welch/artwork/conducting-an-orchestra-terrill-welch
Wild Seas by Terrill Welch. In A private collection.
oil on canvas
24 x 30 inches 
A Gull’s Day by Terrill Welch. In a private collection.
walnut oil on canvas
30 x 40 inches
Glenwood Farm Lookout by Terrill Welch. 
walnut oil on canvas
36 x 72 inches 
Available at: https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/terrill-welch/artwork/glenwood-farm-lookout
Fog Lifting at the Springwater Lodge by Terrill Welch. In a private collection. 
walnut oil on linen board
11 x14 inches 

And the final selection in the Top Ten of 2021 is a painting that is part of Terrill’s Red Line Series that will bridge 2021 and 2022. 

Artist notes: Rising sea levels result in eroding shorelines and heat domes combined with low tides and atmospheric rivers filling the Strait of Georgia are just some of the challenges faced by the Salish Sea. 

“Red Line 05” by Terrill Welch. Yet to be released. Inquires welcome.
acrylic and oil on canvas
24 x 30 inches

We hope you have enjoyed this Top Ten of 2021 favourites selected by Terrill Welch of her work completed in 2021. We are looking forward to sharing more exciting contemporary landscape paintings in 2022!

All the best of the New Year!

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