Additions to the Red Line Series and more

In an ambitious effort to get more of Terrill Welch’s work available to art collectors and fans during our special Gallery Pod opening offer, we have released two more paintings and two painting studies. Three of these works are in Terrill’s developing Red Line Series about the impacts of climate change on our much loved landscapes. Let’s start with the latest of these paintings first…

Artist notes: Emerald Lake is a compelling mountain location with a stunning lake below. This work started with a plein air study just as the ice was breaking up. The broken part of the red line is to leave a little bit of hope in our ability to change our behaviour in the face of the consequences from environmental impacts.

Red Line Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park by Terrill Welch, 20 x 30 inch, walnut oil on canvas.

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Next up is a small study following major atmospheric river flooding on the west coast of British Columbia last November.

Artist notes: I started from an intuitive place with no plan or sketch, just a haunting idea that comes following the recent flooding in British Columbia and the amount of debris that ended up on our Mayne Island shores. I have a very old night terror of being in a car that slides off the road over a steep bank into the Fraser River on the way to town where we lived and then starts to fill with murky water. My earliest memory of this nightmare are about the age of five and it repeated itself every few months with further embellishments right up until sometime in my mid thirties when in my dream state I somehow figured out how to get out of the sinking car and float to the surface. Then the nightmare never came back except as a waking memory now and again and when watching and reading about the flood mudslide victims.

Red Line 04, Flooding, Strait of Georgia by Terrill Welch, 9 x 12 inch walnut oil on unstretched canvas.

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Then there is this small study on paper in gouache…

Artist notes: The waves and sea move towards the shore with no visible evidence of their hidden challenges. I did this in gouache as a study on paper and it is unframed.

Red Line Study of Waves and Sea by Terrill Welch, 8.25 x 12 inches, gouache on 140 lb paper.

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There are two more Red Line paintings just about ready for release and we anticipate these to be out within the next few of weeks in anticipation of the second group of featured works in our new Gallery Pod.

For the final release this week, we have what is primarily a memory that is revisited every year or so when Terrill goes home to spend time with her parents living on a farm outside of Vanderhoof. This is a landscape of her childhood and the first that she drew and then started painting in oils when she was just fourteen years old.

Artist notes: The early morning mist filtering sunlight through the willows, poplars and cotton woods beside the Stuart River is a magical time of day and filled with years of memories.

Early Morning Mist by Terrill Welch, 16 x 20 inch, oil on canvas.

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We wish you all the best exploring these new releases while we are working on hanging the first show in our new Gallery Pod for you to view.

We will be opening our first show in this new space 11-4 on Thursday, September 1st at 428 Luff Rd, Mayne Island BC, Canada. More about the Gallery Pod and our opening is available in ”A Brush With Life” at:

We look forward to welcoming you!

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