Fog Inside Passage winter west coast Canadian landscape painting

Winter fog in the southern gulf islands is often dense and close to the sea. Islands appear and disappear as the ferries take passengers through the inside passage. The mysterious landscape has a beauty that is hard to know unless one lives with it for the long winter months of off-season quiet. This 12 x 24 inch oil on canvas is my rendering of this tactile west coast Canadian landscape experience.


Fog inside passage 12 x 24 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_02_03 064


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5 thoughts on “Fog Inside Passage winter west coast Canadian landscape painting

  1. This painting brings up many memories and moments of winter thinking – we are so distracted when there are clear skies and the lights are turned on and yet – it is during the rough tides that we must pay attention – and listen to the fog horn…a lullaby to me

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